Why I Love Mythbusters

Normal television shows just don't cut it for me. They always seemed a bit too planned out. In other words, they didn't reflect reality enough to appease me. Even the so called reality shows don't make the cut. They just seem so fake! The one show that I truly enjoy on TV for multiple reasons is Mythbusters. Mythbusters is a science fiction TV show that I watch on my Satellite TV from Directstartv.com
Here's what Mythbusters all about.  Have you ever heard that whirlpools can be deadly? We've all seen the movies where a giant whirlpool sucks up a ship or a little boat and the person is never heard from again. But can these whirlpools really get this big and if so, are they fast enough to harm anything?

This myth was confirmed in a sense but busted in another. As far as a single person being in trouble in a whirlpool it is entirely plausible.  But in order to get a full size ship stuck in a whirlpool the pool would have to be miles wide and be traveling above the speed of sound which just doesn't exist. In other words, whirlpools can be deadly to a person but aren't a threat to any type of ship.

These and other myths are tested all of the time!
Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo