Proudly Made in America

Just to add to my “made in America” campaign, I want to bring everyone’s attention to Data Graphics Inc, located in Mount Dora, Florida.  Data Graphics has been making and delivering superior custom labels, nameplates and overlays for 25 years.  They are trusted by companies in the manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and military industry because of their high quality workmanship and industrial strength materials.

Their decals and custom labels come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether you want a custom label in round, oval, square or rectangle design or in colors, Data Graphics Inc. has both the material and machinery to make it for you. Labels can be made of aluminum which is ideal for industrial applications where machinery is constantly running, generating heat.  They also offer polycarbonate plastic, a material that can withstand some of the harshest environments, yet maintain crisp and clear printability.  Polycarbonate can tolerate high temperature, prolonged exposure to the sunlight, resistant to scuffs and abrasions and impact resistant.

If you are in the market for a custom label or decal to promote your company, consider a company producing a product which proudly can say “manufactured in U.S.A.”