Another Thing to Consider

Gosh, as a parent, you have so many things to think about in order to keep your family safe.  Some natural disasters, floods, tornados, earthquakes are totally unavoidable.   If you live in areas where these happen, there is practically nothing you can do to keep your family safe.  But you can provide protection by installing monitors in your home to alert you to conditions which would be dangerous to your family.

That's also possible when it comes to something like carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas and can make you ill and in many cases can kill.  ADT home security barling can install a system that will provide both smoke and heat detectors, and can monitor your home for the presence of CO gas. Their sensors can detect the smallest amounts of carbon monoxide in the air of your home and will set off alarms....loud enough to wake up even the heaviest sleepers.

Oh yes, how did I come to be an expert on natural and unnatural disasters?  I’m one of the many people who subscribe to a DirectTV system and take advantage of updates on the Weather Channel.  If there is a flood, tornado or forest fire in my area….I know about it and can take the necessary actions to keep my family out of harm’s way..