Good-Bye All My Children, Erica Kane and Susan Lucci

In September, one of my favorite daytime TV shows will be cancelled… more Erica, Jack, Kendall, Tad or Opal.  Pine Valley will be gone.   I won’t say that my world will come to an end, but I will really miss All My Children.  I do know that I will not be watching The Chew….it is an idiotic name (sounds like its about chewing tobacco) and, if anything, should be on the Food network. Paula Deen and Mario Batali have shows of their own….let them stay there.

I don’t know how ABC determines the number of watchers for individual shows, nor do they know how many people tape shows to watch after work.  That’s what my daughter does.  And if I miss a episode, I watch it on SoapNet that evening.  I have watched TV for over 20 years and have yet to be called or asked what TV show I’m watching.  How can the “powers that be” say that the show is not being watched? Or know the age of the watchers.   As for not using products advertised on the show,  HEY, I babysit and buy diapers for my grandchildren, wash clothes using detergent, mop my kitchen floor, eat yogurt, buy cars and want to lose weight.....and I have the money to pay for these products.

This year, I was given Susan Lucci’s autobiography for Mother’s Day.  My daughter knew that I am a AMC fan (as is she) so when Susan came to Naperville, IL to promote her book, ALL MY LIFE, Christine and Connor, my grandson, went to the bookstore, bought the book for me and Susan (Erica Kane) autographed it.   I didn’t realize how much training and schooling Susan Lucci herself had before going into show business. The book tells all.

If you have a chance and you are an AMC fan, buy the book and  read her life story.  Especially about the car accident she had as a young woman.  She was thrown through the front window of her fiance’s car and her face was badly cut by the shattered glass.  Although Erica Kane has had more marriages than a cat has lives, Susan Lucci has only been married once (happily) has 2 children, grandchildren and lives in Garden City, New York.