Water Damage and Floppy Fish....Oh My!

YUCK! Seems like this is the year of water damage jobs austin….lots of rain causing drains to…not drain. Luckily many people do not have basements to worry about. But if you do, you know what a miserable mess that can be. Water seeps through the foundation and drains across the floor, carpets get wet and furniture is damaged. Some costs will be covered with water damage homeowners insurance austin but its still a mess.

But rain and snow isn’t the only way water can cause damage. We had a problem several years ago with salt water. We had a LARGE fish tank in our den…beautiful tropical fish. One morning we went into the den and found ourselves walking on a squshy, soggy Oriental rug. And, the fish tank was nearly drained (onto our floor). The tropical fish were flopping around in the remaining 5” of water.

And the floor, the beautiful water damage hardwood austin floor, looked awful. After we finished crying, we called the Steam Team and they were at our home within an hour. We only lost three fish, have a new fish tank and the Oriental rug and hardwood floor look as if nothing ever happened. In fact, the hardwood floor looks better.