Christmas and My Mom Make Good Sense

Christmas and My Mom Make Good Sense

Authored by Leandro Delgado

I wouldn't spend a Christmas without my mother. She's a lot older these days, and time moves more slowly when I am with her. However, her mind is strong and she enjoys Christmas. We may not be able to decorate a tree together anymore, but we can share the good times.

My parents live two states away. Sometimes I fly out for Christmas at their home, while other times I will drive. It really depends upon my work schedule and how quickly I need to come back from the holiday. One thing I can feel safe about is that I set my HOME SECURITY before I left. Now that's peace of mind!

When I get to my parents' home, Dad and I get busy decorating. While he's not as frail as my mom, he needs help getting the Christmas tree down from the attic. I have no problem helping my parents fill their home with cheer. It's a great way to give back for all the wonderful things they have done for me.

My parents are popular in their little neighborhood. Because so many senior citizens live there, they usually spend holidays together. We take turns eating at each other's homes, and the food is really good. Everyone brings a pot luck dish.

I'm so glad my parents are around to spend Christmas with!