My Christmas Angels

Peace and quiet reigns again in our household. The grandchildren are back in their own homes (including two dogs which were unexpected) and Ken and I are left to ourselves. Three of our children live in our home town, Omaha, NE and one daughter and family live in Naperville, IL. The cousins love getting together and enjoying each other's zanyness......they have a closeness that distance can't diminish.

I find it hard to believe that our oldest grandson, Mason is a college freshmen at North Central College in Naperville, IL and Jenny our funlovin' "pumpkin girl" will enter the Univ. of Nebraska in 2011. Both are planning to enter the medical field, Mason in Dentistry/Oral Surgery and Jennifer plans to major in Lasik Eye Surgery.

"Sweet Boy" Andrew is now three....and still would rather stay with Grandma and Poppa instead of attending day care...which he tearfully tells us each time he leaves to go home.

Rebecca is a talented artist....she excels in drawing cartoons and "animae" figures. She will be a freshman in high school in 2011. She is the image of her mother, tall, willowy and beautiful.

The three remaining grandsons, Connor, Hayden and Austin are all active in sports in their schools. Connor and Hayden are following in their brother Mason's footsteps (and grandma's) by playing competitive tennis....I take credit for their success.....I taught them tennis when they could barely hold a racket.

Austin plays soccar, runs track and plays football. Aus is definitely his father's son...a fisherman and a hunter. He bagged his first buck this fall....the head of which is now mounted and on his bedroom wall.

We feel so blessed.