Our Two Grown up Grandchildren

Meet our two oldest grandchildren .....Mason is 19 and Jennifer is 18. Mason lives in Naperville, IL and Jenny in Omaha, NE.

Jennifer is a Senior in High School....she is active in basketball and soccer...both of which she loves. She also is a qualified licensed soccer referee and particularly enjoys working with the young soccer players.

She is sweet, loving and beautiful inside and out. We are so proud that she is our granddaughter.

Mason graduated in May of 2010. He is a varsity tennis player and also plays bass in a rock band...Runaway Freight Train.

Along with that, he is a great student and in general, enjoys his life in Naperville, Illinois. Mase started North Central College in Naperville this fall starting on his journey to become a dentist/oral surgeon.......this summer he is worked part-time in a dental office. With his looks and personality, he will have all the young ladies in Naperville beating down the door to have their dental problems taken care of. We couldn't ask for a better grandson.