H1N1 Flu Shots - Got mine..Did you?

Hi....have you received your H1N1 flu shot yet.....how about the kids?

We've been having a mega push towards getting the shots....all kids in school, with permission slips, received shots either yesterday or will get them today. I've never seen such a frantic drive to get everyone inoculated.

Nancy, Rebecca, Andrew, Ken and I got our shots at Burke High School yesterday. Shots were to be given between 4:30 and 8:30 at Burke and Benson High Schools....they will eventually be given in more areas in Omaha, but these were the only ones this week. Supposedly you were not supposed to be there until 4:30.....ha, people were lining up at 1:00....and making a real mess with school traffic. Practically every kid in Burke High has a car and at 3:00 it is a ZOO ... add a thousand extra cars and it was chaos x 10.

Soooo, since the traffic around Burke was horrendous, we decided to walk up and back. We only live 5 blocks away from the campus and it was a fairly decent November day. We started out at 4:15, when we got there we went to the end of the line....according to the newspaper, it stretched for 1/2 mile around Burke and ended at the edge of the Soccer field. Ken was fit-to-be-tied and was ranting all the way..he has no patience and standing in line does NOT make him happy.

We took our place in line at 4:45 and didn't get into the school to get our shots until 8:15....they said there were more than 4,000 people in line waiting. At 8:30 they cut off the line and anyone standing behind a certain spot would not be able to get the shot. I would not have wanted to be the person who announced that. And, for 4,000+ people, there were 2 porta potties....the lines there were L-O-N-G .... can you imagine all those little boys tinkling into a porta potty or at least trying to.

Luckily the temperature wasn't too bad but did get pretty chilly after 7:00. However live-wire Andrew was happy as a clam....he was running as fast as his little legs could carry him around the campus green area. Both Becca and I were busy chasing him. When we got closer to busy Burke Street and the school gravel parking lot, I put his "child harness" on him....don't know what the people in line thought as they watched us. I was waiting for some one to say "poor little boy on a leash" or some other comment....I would have set them straight right away...."would you like to be holding or chasing a 2 year old for 3 hours"

Ken and I had to get the shot because we "take an aspirin" a day...Poor little Andrew had the shot because he had a regular flu shot a month ago. Nancy and Rebecca were lucky and just had the mist.

All in all, we're all glad it's over!