Christmas Shopping...Bah Humbug!

Yep, its that time again…..presents under the tree, mistletoe and bright colored lights. I enjoy Christmas, but always dread looking for presents for our grandchildren….we have seven, ranging in age from 18 years to age 2….both boys and girls. What on earth do I get the older ones that is up-to-date, trendy and something their friends wouldn’t find at the local mall…...or do I just settle for gift cards? Its a no-brainer this year… its time to visit Ed Hardy .

What! You’ve never heard of
Ed Hardy !! Ed Hardy is one of the great clothing lines featured at Zappos, an online store. Ed Hardy’s line has unique clothing, shoes, fragrances, belts, eyewear, hats plus Ed Hardy kid’s shoes. I let my grandkids each pick out one item from the store.

Jenny and Becca usually choose one of
Ed Hardy’s colorful, fitted tee shirts or one of the new fragrances, Connor, Mason and Hayden look for sunglasses or the wildest shoes they can find, Austin wavers between shoes and hats.

Our little 2 year old grandson Andrew, isn’t old enough to choose, so Mom gets to pick out his gift. Ed Hardy has some really sharp clothes for the little guys too. And when I buy Ed Hardy items from Zappos, the shipping is FREE!