Our Sweet Boy is now two!

Our little Andrew will be two years old on October 17. The time has just flown by and he has changed from a colicky newborn to a know-it-all two year old. His favorite word is “NO”, accompanied by a vigorous shake of his right hand. Obviously he heard the word “NO” from adults since I don’t think babies are born with that word in their vocabulary.

On his way to becoming a two year old, Andrew went through a period of
colic - the worst pain he had ever experienced. (I don’t think childbirth counts)

Hours upon hours of crying, not sleeping and being walked, walked, walked was guaranteed to make his mother burst into tears. “What is wrong with him?” “Should we take him to the hospital (this is usually at 2:00 A.M.)” and the old standby “Call MOM!” (also at 2:00 A.M.)

We finally did find something that helped….
Colic Calm Gripe Water. I didn’t know if “Gripe” meant to complain or annoy or if it meant a pain in the stomach but whatever it meant, it did the job.

Andrew is now old enough to tell us what his problem is – generally it’s the dreaded
GAS!! He still gets a drop of Gripe Water if necessary!

Love that kiddo!

Are we done yet?????