3 ways to make money at home

Making money at home....Nope, I’m not talking about a “get rich quick” scheme….you do have to work a little. These are three of my proven favorites.

1. Big Crumbs …BigCrumbs is free to join, and to start using it you simply need to login to the BigCrumbs site through JeansJeans and use their links to retailers to shop, rather than going directly to EBay or the retailers' page.

BigCrumbs is completely FREE! It costs you nothing to join so you can’t lose! You not only get money back on your own shopping, but you get cash back on the shopping of everyone who signs up under you. And it never costs you a dime! You just keep collecting money. It’s a win/win situation.

I use BigCrumbs every time I shop, both on Ebay and on the listed stores. It only takes a minute to sign up ...Put BigCrumbs on your desktop..as a reminder to start there. I travel a lot and it’s amazing how much money is deposited in my PayPal account every month thanks to using Ortiz or Travelocity for airfare and hotel charges. It just keeps coming and coming.

2. Ebay...the tried and true online auction house. I have recently opened a new store Finally Foundit Collectibles .

I offer New & Used items including: books, glassware, Home Decor, model trains, S&P shakersPlus clothing items : Tee shirts, jeans, toddlers and pre-teen, women, teen girls, men, teen boys

Mark us as a favorite and come back often as we list many items each week.

PLUS, purchases in this store will qualify you for BigCrumbs refunds. (be sure to join BigCrumbs by clicking on JeansJeans )

3. eBid....eBid is a new-kid-on-the block sales site. It is similar to Ebay but since eBid does not have the high listing, plus Final Value Fees and requirement that the bidder/buyer use Paypal, items tend to be less expensive. You can find me at MJ's Closet.