The Blueberry Kid

Andrew loves blueberries...he has them for breakfast nearly every morning. But, he's a typical 16 mo. old guy and insists on feeding himself ... of course, he makes a great mess out of it. Its a 50/50 situation....50% in his tummy and 50% on the floor.

Today he had a bowl of Cheerios and blueberries....I have a 5 lb bag of them in the freezer and I scoop out a quarter cup to mix with the milk added. He is learning to work with a spoon but much prefers to just grab a handful and stuff them into his mouth.

Either way, he has a healthy breakfast. Top that with a sippy cup of milk and he's good to go. I'm thinking of buying a few 3 yr old Blueberry plants ....might as well start growing my own.
Oh well, times a wastin' .... there's chairs to climb, blocks to build, and his morning romp with his ever present pal, Fredthedog. (who is patiently waiting for his 50% which ended up on the floor.)