Summer fun

Summer is going strong in the prairie state of was 101 degrees on Sunday and everyone was looking for a place to cool off. Contrary to belief, we do have air conditioning, although it costs an arm and a leg to pay the utility bill when we have it on for any length of time. So the best place for a 9 month old is to be in a plastic pool on grandma's back deck.

Andrew loves being in the pool and giggles when he splashes water on everyone and everything! He isn't afraid to get his face splashed on, but does blink and sputter when it happens.

He has produced two front teeth...they are barely through the skin, but noticable. He enjoys gnawing on his toys and isn't above taking a nibble on one's knuckle if it is offered.

I keep telling his mother how LUCKY she is that Andrew has such a sweet disposition and that he hasn't had any of the usual baby illinesses. Even teething has not been a problem....more drooling but no fever or fussiness. Of course, grandpa and I take full credit for this. If the little guy cries for any reason, at least one of us is there to see what the trouble is. No long crying jags for this guy.

Hmmm I didn't notice his bed-head hairstyle...he will definitely need a haircut on his 1st birthday. Or, learn how to braid.

Ken loves his role of grandpa....when our own children were babies, he worked 40 hours a week so missed out on a lot of their daily lives. (now he KNOWS why when he used to ask me "what did you do all day?" I would all but throw a rock at him....four little kids, what could I do but clean up after them!)

Fred, our cocker spaniel is Andrew's best buddy. Although Fred isn't thrilled about being climbed on and petted not too gently. He "grins and bears it" though and follows Andrew around the house (actually he is hoping to snatch up some of the Cheerios that Dru leaves behind. Fred is our four-legged vaccum cleaner. )