Nebraska Huh!

Hello, welcome to my home state...Nebraska...that funny-shaped place between South Dakota and Missouri. We have the Cornhusker football team, Chimney Rock, we host the College World Series every June and can expect at least one or two tornados every spring.

Okay, Nebraska isn't known for it's scenic beauty although we do have some....yep, and contrary to the belief of much of the United States, Nebraska does not have wild animals roaming our prairie, we do have hot and cold running water, and 99% of the households have indoor plumbing.

Plus, we have the ever popular, widely known tourist attraction Carhenge.

The old TV series MUTUAL OF OMAHA'S WILD KINGDOM was not photographed in Nebraska. We do not have lions, tigers and bears running loose nor do we have elephants, zebras and giraffes. Not unless you count those in the Henry Doorly Zoo, which IS located in Omaha, Nebraska. Do you think I'm kidding...people on the coasts aren't even sure if we're part of the 50 states. Just ask anyone from the East Coast where Nebraska they give you a blank stare and say "daaaaaaaaaah".

A long time ago when I worked in the Mutual of Omaha building (Mutual of Omaha is an insurance company) we hosted a nationwide seminar with representatives from all 48 states (I told you it was a long time ago). Some of these folks had never been west of New York and we were in hysterics over some of the questions and opinions held by some of the attendees. I will admit that the majority of them were pretty young....beginner insurance agents.

"Where do you keep the wild animals?" (in our backyards, doesn't everybody?)

"Does Marlin Perkins work in this building?" (only when he's doing commercials and he's paid big bucks to come)
"We weren't sure if you guys had indoor plumbing" (see that little building with the heart on the sure to take your own toilet paper)

"My mother was really worried about me coming out here....she wasn't sure if you had hotels and things like that" (Come'on Mom, this is 1957..we've even got an airport and a Budget 6 motel)

I really shouldn't laugh about their lack of knowledge....I thought that all New Yorkers lived in apartments or row houses with adjoining walls, the only grass and trees that they see were in Central Park, New Yorkers didn't own cars so didn't know how to drive. And, everybody in Kentucky raised race horses.

I've learned so much since I've gotten older! (although having seen some New York drivers on our Nebraska "interstate highway" I think I may have been right about not knowing how to drive!)