Grandparents - the BEST babysitters!

We've turned into full time babysittin' grandparents and we LOVE it. When our children were babies, my husband worked full time, and didn't have the opportunity to really cuddle and spoil the new baby. Now things are different.

We love having Andrew with us. He is a good-natured little guy who needs only 3 things to make him "on demand" bottle of formula, a nice dry diaper, and two loving grandparents to cater to his every wish.

Grandparents make perfect babysitters. We don't have to be anywhere at a certain time...and if we do, one of us is always home to keep an eye on Andrew. Oh yes, it cuts down on the amount of time we spent wandering through the malls or grocery stores. Hmmmm, that will definitely save money.

We aren't concerned that the house has a whole new set of furniture....bassinet, jumper seat, recliner or whatever it's called, baby gym and the never to be forgotten car seat. Andrew doesn't seem to like the bassinet, preferring to take his naps on the family room couch. Could be that the bassinet has high sides and he can't see out.

The couch will work well until he starts moving around. Right now we can plunk him down and we sure that he'll stay soon as he starts rolling over from back to front, that will end.