Brings back old times!

There comes a time when mom and dad have to step up and help their child. For many parents its something that they've always had to do, but for us, its a new road.

Our new grandson, Andrew Michael was born on October 17, 2007. Daughter Nan and her husband make a fairly decent living, but both parents have to work to achieve this. So, where does that leave little Andrew? Someone has to babysit him.

Nan called, visited and investigated many, many daycare and private home babysitting sites. I couldn't believe how much it will cost to have someone care for "Drew". The least expensive was $200.00 per week and that was at a home day care.

Yes, I know that private day care,"Mary Moppets" and other business day cares want and have to make money. They would have Andrew for over 40 hours per week and that amounts to less than $5.00 per hour.....minimum wage is more than that. But, taking into consideration that both Nan and John have house payments, utilities, food, car payments, their health insurnce, diapers, baby formula and face the rising cost of gasoline...$200.00 per week will make a BIG dent in their spendable money.

To make a long story short, Ken and I willingly are taking on the job of caring for a nearly 3 month old baby. It will mean a big change in our usual lifestyle and I'm a little scared that the change will be hard for us.

No, watching and caring for "Drew" isn't the problem. But both my husband and myself are pretty active and have committments of our own....and changing to "stay at home" will be something that we haven't had to consider for a long time.

But, you do what you have to do......