Andrew and the Star

Hello from the world of Andrew!

Ah, to have the life of a worries other than a dry diaper and full tummy. Just a few sobs and Grandma and Grandpa are there to take care of any problem.

We are so enjoying our little grandson...he has a killer smile and twinkling eyes....

One of his favorite toys is a blinking star that we can attach to his bassinet or to his play gym. It blinks and plays music...Andrew is fascinated by it...

Since we have only one magic star, it travels back and forth from his home to ours....the first thing, well actually the second thing, we ask when Nancy brings him throught the door is "did you bring the star?"

Once she did forget to bring it, and I made a trip back to her house after it. We've got a good thing going with the blinking star, and it's better to have it than to wish we did.