ESPN: The Gold Standard

When I have work to do at home, I turn on sports. I find that sports provides me with good background noise while, at the same time, providing me with a great viewing experience when I'm in need of a break from what I'm working on. As such, there's nothing that I enjoy more than turning on my direct tv offers and flipping the channel to ESPN. The men and women from Bristol, Connecticut are the gold standard for sports reporting for a reason; they know how to be informative and insightful about the subject of sports while still providing entertainment in the bargain.

My favorite show on ESPN is easily SportsCenter, especially during the mornings. I usually don't wake up in enough time to watch the start of a show, but that just means I can watch the next show until it roughly loops around to the point where I came in and then I'm all caught-up on my sports knowledge. It's particularly fascinating nowadays, with SportsCenter often being live and flipping from coast to coast between hours. Still, I don't feel that I miss anything. Most importantly, SportsCenter provides me with the sports knowledge I'm invested in while allowing me to finish whatever pressing task I have in mind. I haven't found that combination with any other channel. Thats why I cherish SportsCenter and ESPN; information and productivity in the same package are not to be taken lightly.

Thanks for the post, Lorraine Gregory