Andrew the farmer

Nancy brought Andrew over this morning and good grief, was he ever a wet little puppy! Soaked clear through his diaper, pajamas and blanket. When this guy tinkles, he doesn't fool around.

Nan was late for work and had plucked Drew straight from bed, popped him into the car seat and off they went. Poor Drew...he was groggy but happy when she walked up the kitchen stairs with him.

He's usually happy and contented but now that he's walking, he's beginning to be a little on the ornery side. At 13 months, he can climb, run, go under or over most of the furniture in the living room and dearly loves the kitchen cabinets. He gets very frustrated when he can't open the lower cabinets (due to the latches we've installed) and will throw a hissy fit. But it doesn't last long....he soon finds something else to explore.

Ken and I were on vacation in October and Drew had his first taste of the dreaded DAY CARE! He did not like it at all. He is there early enough for breakfast (7:30am) but it is a "feed yourself" type of breakfast. Dry cereal, pancakes, juice from a sippy cup, anything that can be picked up. Unfortunately he isn't used to doing it himself and was not getting enough breakfast to satisfy his hunger. The end result was a hungry little guy who was not happy and really crabby.
When we came home from our trip, we decided that although Drew didn't like going to Daycare, he needed to be around other children, learn to socialize and share. Our solution was to have Nan bring him to our home at 7:30, we'd give him breakfast....and feed it to him. Change his diaper, dress him and either let him play for a while and then put him down for a short nap. He'd sleep for about an hour, catching up on all those zzzzzzzz's that he missed in the morning.
At 10:00am we'd drive him to Daycare, which is about 10 minutes from us. By then he is fed, dry, alert and more than willing to play and enjoy the other kids. When he gets a little older and can eat enough by himself to satisfy his empty tummy, he will go directly to Daycare. But for now, this is the best.
And, we get our "Andrew Fix" every morning...we really missed having him with us.