33 promises for a happy marriage

How many of these promises do you keep? When you stood at the alter before God and all those witnesses, you promised to love and honor your spouse.....don't let the little things get lost in the daily shuffle of life.

1. Start each day with a kiss
2. Wear your wedding ring at all times
3. Be polite....say please and thank you
4. Be gentle
5. Smile often
6. Touch.."touch my hair as you pass my chair...litle things mean a lot"

7. Talk about dreams....ones that you shared in the past and ones you hope for
8. Select a song that can be "our song" (ours is The Twelfth of Never )
9. Compliment twice a day..."that really looks nice"
10. Listen ...turn off television and pay attention to what your spouse is saying
11. Encourage
12. Do it his or her way
13. Laugh together
14. Call during the day if you are away from home
15. Hold hands in public...no matter how old you are
16. Cuddle ...
17. Ask for each other's opinion
18. Show respect
19. Welcome the other person home ... "Hi honey" is all it takes
20. Look your best
21. Wink at each other .. could lead to "something" !!!
22. Apologize .. admit when you are wrong
23. Forgive
24. Be positive
25. Be kind
26. Respond quickly to the other person's request
27. Talk about your love
28. Reminince about your favorite times together
29. Treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy
30. Be sensitive to each other's sexual desires
31. Watch sunsets together
32. Say "I love you" frequently
33. End the day with a hug
33. Remember that unkind remarks can wound deeply and may never be forgotten

We've been happily married for nearly 50 years (said our vows on April 11, 1959) ... I can honestly say that we keep almost all these promises ...