Sleepy little boy

What can be sweeter than a sleeping baby....

But, when they wake up, its play, play play. Andrew is crawling and definitely enjoys a good lunch after a morning of traveling around the front room on hands and knees. He has a play pen, hmmmmm he seems to think its more like a jail cell and gives me that "what'd I do" look when he's put in it.

Sorry little guy, grandma needs to visit the bathroom occasionally and can't leave you on your own without supervision. He has eyes like a hawk and can find more little pieces of paper, dust bunnies and miscellaneous things on the floor than a professional cleaning service could.

His taste buds are developing also....he clamps his mouth shut and refuses anything with pineapple in it....i.e. pineapple & ham (Ugh), pineapple and mango fruit medly, in fact any combination of pineapple and anything.

However, as his photos prove...he hasn't missed many meals.