Andrew the bouncing baby

Our little grandson, Andrew, is occasionally called "Bubba" by his family. He was supposed to be nicknamed "Drew" but somehow that has gone by the wayside. Andrew aka Bubba has a big new toy...a Graco Entertainer. It takes up a good part of the kitchen, and we have to sidestep to get past it. Andrew starts out sitting, and then starts jumping up and down. The thing is on springs, and he can really get some high bounces going.

Everything on the tray gets tossed into the air, and lands on the kitchen floor. I wonder what bright young toy designer thought that one up? Obviously a bachelor.

Today we had an interesting experience with Bubba and the "Entertainer"....Bub was jumping up and down having a great ole time, then suddenly he stopped. Hmmmmm wonder what is going on. His legs are long enough to touch the ground, and he was standing there, red faced and grunting for all he was worth. I knew that that meant....get a dry diaper ready, Bubba meant business.

Whoops, he started jumping again, so I thought I had been wrong. Then he stopped again and it was back to the ole red face grunting. He was certainly having a good time..smiling, bouncing and grunting.

I thought I'd better check on the diaper situation, he is never happy being wet or anything else. Picked him up and found that he was a bit drippy...change that, he was REALLY drippy. I started taking off his jeans and discovered that he was not only drippy, he was smelly.

Wow! what a mess. All that jumping had caused his icky-poo full diaper to squish up and out the back....and down the leg. I needed help.....grandpa to the rescue.

Grandpa had to hold him still while I scraped the icky-poo from his bottom and leg with an icky-poo trail up the crack on it's way to who knows where!...ever try wiping up sticky playdough with a piece of 6 x 4 piece of kleenex....same thing. But Bubba was happy as a clam,cooing, smiling, kicking his feet, waving his arms and trying to roll over to reach the diaper before I could put it on him.

Since Bub has been eating fruits and vegetables, diaper changes can be a real challenge!