Back to Normal

Christmas is over and the household is back to normal. The computer is still sitting in the front room – I’m dreading the thought of moving it into the “computer room” and having my files, photos and life transferred. What if something goes wrong!! What if I lose everything!!

Our friend, the computer technician, will come over next week and do the transferring for us. He’s been my lifeline for years and has assured me that my husband did a great job in picking out the new computer and that all will go well. Not that I don’t believe him, but this ole computer of mine will be sticking around until I’m positive that nothing has been lost.

One of my hobbies is genealogy and I have over 69,000 names and notes in my genealogy program…..over 20 years of collecting. Many of my correspondents have passed away…..probably discussing genealogy with the ancestors themselves as we speak.