A Bonanza - But not the TV series

Are you one of the millions who BUY items online?  Or, are you one of the millions who SELL on line?  Some of my friends hold garage sales every spring, summer and fall – but that is usually too time-consuming and here in Nebraska, you never know what the weather will be like…..wind, sudden rainstorms or “fry an egg on the sidewalk” temperatures.
My friend Connie and I have ventured into the Sell On Line arena….at first we did some posting, etc. on Ebay…she has a basement full of glassware and did well.  Unfortunately, between owning a “store” on Ebay and paying a monthly fee, plus fee for posting an item and paying a final fee on the sales price (including postage) it turned out to be a lot more work and less profit than anticipated.  After a few months, I gave up.

I turned my back on Ebay and opted to try a new selling site…Bonanza.  Bonanza is not an auction site, you set a price and if a buyer wants it, they buy it.  All in all, Bonanza’s prices tend to be less than Ebays mainly because they do not have a charge for owning a “booth”, have no listing fees and once you list an item it does not expire in a week …

Many of the items are from our own family of four grown children plus seven grandchildren, ranging in age from 21 to 4.  I also frequent garage and estate sales (my favorite).  Estate sales have much nicer items….a garage sale usually has things that the owner wants to get rid of…an estate sale means that it all goes…good, bad and often quite ugly!  

My store/booth is called U Finally Foundit and I invite you to visit me on Bonanza.  Or, if you are a seller (or want to be) you can join and do some selling yourself.  The other sellers are the friendliest group you will ever meet…no snide remarks if you don’t know what you’re doing, many suggestions as to how to improve your booth…..many of your sales will be to Bonanza members and you’ll find yourself buying items FROM Bonanza members.

Come on over and see what I’m offering.

U Finally Foundit