Halloween Buzz Lightyear Twins

Andrew's Day Care had a Halloween Party and parade on Monday, October 31 (Halloween this year)  He had such a great time.  The staff was dressed in costumes and the kids were excited about walking to the stores near the Day Care center.  The first stop was a dental office (expected toothbrushes but actually got candy), then was the Pizza Place and Kwik Shop.  More candy....nothing was turned down, there will be lots of trading when they get back to the center.   

Last on the parade route was Jensen Tire and Auto which is next to the Daycare complex....the parade leaders evidently forgot that Jensen was expecting the little guys to stop and the parade walked right on past.  The front door flew open and manager, Mike, came running out after them.  

"Hey, hey, don't forget us, we've got lots of candy for the kids", the parade made a reverse turn and went back to the auto shop. Who said that Halloween was just for kids?  The adults have fun too!

Ken and I were there to take photos of the costumed "beggers" and didn't notice that Andrew had a twin....he and another little boy were wearing Buzz Lightyear costumes.  They weren't identical but Andrew was thrilled that he had a "brother"...."Grandma look!!!! he's just like me"   They walked around each other .... Andrew had boots and gloves, the other boy didn't.  But....he had a belt that talked  "I'm Buzz Lightyear"...I think Andrew would have gladly traded his boots and gloves for that belt!