I Love To Bake And Decorate

I Love To Bake And Decorate

This guest post from Rafael Hodge

I have always taken pride in birthday celebrations. I like balloons, great food, and host of great friends and family members to help me celebrate. No birthday is complete, however, without birthday cakes. Parents that are interested in making the best birthday cakes should check their local listings for a great surprise in the art of caking making.

There's a great show called "Bake Decorate Celebrate!" that I watch on DirecTV. Anyone that wants to makes any kind of sweets should find this show. It's one of the best baking shows on television. They have concepts for cakes, but they also have episodes for cookies, cupcakes, candy, and a variety of other treats. ! This is one of the best shows because it talks about decorating and designing.

I don't know why there aren't more shows like this on television. It really gives the audience so many ideas on how they can improve cakes. It gives sweet treats so much character. Everyone will appreciate what these two ladies can do. Nancy Siler and Melanie Glasscock are the hosts, and they are so incredibly warm and sweet. They are easy to follow, and their instructions always yield great results.

One might believe the show is over the top because of the title, but it's really not. These are practical women with a real knack for decorating.