World's Greatest Hobby - Model Railroading

It was a busy weekend for my husband Ken. Ken has a hobby…
O scale model trains. This week Omaha had a huge model train exhibit/show the World's Greatest Hobby that showcases the hobby of model railroading.

Ken’s train club, Nebraska-Iowa Railroaders were showing their train layouts, running model trains and talking, talking, talking abo
ut their hobby. Ken was amazed at the amount of people who attended, over 18,000 and that crowd control was not a problem. The biggest hit by far was the free Thomas the Train ride….children were lined up behind the velvet rope barricades which stretched along one whole side of the Quest Center showroom.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting stanchions and barricades in front of some of the train layouts was really thinking…..hundreds of children and their parents gathered around the trains and trying to touch everything would have been a real problem if there were not some sort of crowd control. Ever try telling a 3 year old that he CAN’T touch the trains? Not easy.

Ken and his club members felt that this show was a definite success….the club is always looking for new members and quite a few people were interested in joining. It’s funny to watch people, especially the men…..they are fascinated by the trains, almost if not more so than the kids. The layouts are so realistic that you can’t believe you’re not watching a real train wind its way through mountains, over rivers, into cities and farmlands. It’s a great hobby.