Designer Scrubs for the Medical Community

I always wanted to be a nurse…that is until I discovered that nurses learn how to give shots and draw blood by practicing on each other! But those immaculate white uniforms and cute little caps were very tempting. And, the possibility of finding a doctor to marry seemed pretty good.

The white uniforms have long gone by the wayside, and in their place are “nursing scrubs”. The typical nurse uniform you’ll see in hospitals now is much different, very colorful and probably much more practical. Wearing white in a hospital surgery probably wasn’t the best idea in the first place.

I’ve seen scrub tops in various colors, but shades of green and dark or light blue seem to be most popular. In the children’s areas the nurses wear scrub tops with animals or toy motifs….once in a while you’ll see one with bubbles…strange.

Even my dentist and dental hygienist are wearing scrub clothing…..which no doubt makes scrubs pants and scrub tops the designer uniform of choice of the entire medical community.