Jenny and Andrew at Halloween

Our granddaughter Jennifer is a senior at Millard West High School and her club holds a Halloween Party every year. The party is held in the school gym and club members man various booths, the basketball toss, donuts on a hanging string, golf, face painting, everything little kids like to do. And, no matter how they did, they received a prize. Thats the best kind of party.

Jenny's cousin Andrew was old enough to really take part in the fun, although his favorite was the basketball toss. He was a little uncertain about some of the other kids' costumes......ghosts, vampires, mummys. They scared him. He did like the Power Rangers and funny ones though.
We wanted to take photos of Jen and Andrew, but he was too occupied with the we had to bribe him...."Andrew, come over and stand by Jenny and I'll give you this tootsie pop".

He'll do anything for a tootsie pop, so he ran over to Jen, stood for a minute, smiled and was gone again.

Grandchildren are so much fun!