For the musically inclined two year old!

Andrew is a charter member of the "terrible twos" club. He is opinionated, stubborn, inquisitive, and his favorite word is "NO", right up there with "MINE" . He has a passion for lights, wanting to turn them on and off, on and off...our electric bill will see a definite increase this month. He wants to do everything himself and has a tantrum if he cannot. When I threaten him with "do you want a time-out", he'll mellow out, shake his head and say "no, no". His time-out is spent in the much used play-pen.

Andrew's cousin Mason lives in Naperville, IL and plays in a band, Runaway Freight Train....Mason graduated from high school this year as did the other 3 band members. Mase sent us a video of one of their 'gigs' at the RibFest Festival in Naperville.

Andrew loves the music and stands in front of the TV singing and dancing to the beat. Or, he will pull out his set of bongo drums, a pair of his sister's old drumsticks and whack the dickens out of the bongos, alternating with clang, clang, clang on the cymbals. Its a hoot!