Mudpies and flowers

Our grandson Andrew is an active little guy and loves getting outside and playing in the yard. Yesterday the sun was out and the day was beautiful, so we were planting flowers in the garden and taking photos of the proposed garden layout... Drew was having a great time digging in his sandbox. He's 18 months old and thinks everything he picks up can be eaten. Just wish he'd be more selective.

I looked over at him and he was laying on his tummy next to the garden hose. He had dripped water onto the patio, mixed in a little dirt and was stretched out licking the dirt off the concrete...yummmmmm.

Luckily I had the camera with me because it was a "kodak moment:" I yelled, in my strictest grandma voice..."Andrew! stop that" He looked up, grinned at me and took another lick. Then leisurely got up, gave me his usual "smilin' Jack" smile and babbled something like.."hi grandma, whats the problem?"

Since he was mud from head to toe, we stripped him then and there and into the house we went, straight into the of his favorite places to be.

Back I was a young mother and our children were babies, I
would have been a lot more upset with having a muddy little boy to deal
with in the middle of my busy day but as a grandma, its just FUN!