Why mothers wear out!

We are again taking care of our grandson while his mom and dad work. After being in daycare for 4 months, and dealing with colds, runny noses and finally a bout with bronchitis, we decided that grandma and grandpa would feel much better if he was here with us.

BUT, he is now 15 months old and he runs, he climbs, and he is constantly testing to see what he can get away with. He wants to touch or handle everything and gets very upset when we tell him "no, no". He will look at us (me) and purposely touch or grab the object....daring little stinker. The baby doctor says that this is normal....I suppose when our children were young they did the same thing.

And climbing!!! He has discovered that if he stands on the bottom rung of a kitchen chair, he can climb up to the seat, and then after reaching everything he can from there, onto the table itself. Of course, he isn't left alone in the kitchen for this to happen, but its not because he hasn't tried.

On Friday, I had a bowl of green beans sitting on the kitchen counter covered with plastic wrap. He managed to stand on tiptoe and grab the end of the wrap, pulling the whole bowl of cold green beans down on top of himself. The bowl didn't hit him, and didn't break, but he was covered with beans and juice, and totally surprised at how he got himself into this situation.

He considered himself a big deal when he managed to climb onto the living room couch and chair. He climbs up, and sits like the King of Siam with a big, "see, I knew I could do it" grin on his face. How can you get mad at a impish little squirt like that. But don't get me wrong, he is not allowed to run wild....grandpa and grandma are way too experienced for that.

A friend remarked that taking care of a 15 month old will keep us young.
We shall see!