Grandpa and Andrew

Both Ken and Andrew had a busy day....Ken was working in and on my flower garden, and Dru spent his time feeding Cheerios to Fredthedog on the back deck. A few hours of fresh air wore both of them out.

This spring we planted a flower garden around our little pond in the back yard. Then, after the dogs found it was fun to hop into the pond on hot days, had to put a decorative wrought iron fence around it. This also cut down on the visits from the many rabbits, possums and raccoons who used it as a watering hole. Unfortunately, we have a little bunny rabbit who visited last night and nibbled ALL the blooms from Ken's favorite daisies plus ate all the lower leaves from the Asian lilies, making them look like palm trees, bare stalk with a mass of leaves on top.

I am really miffed at the squirrels that make their homes in the two oak trees in our front and back yards. I didn't mind them jumping off one tree and bouncing along the roof to the red oak in the back.....even though it is usually about 6:30 am when I'd hear them ta-bump, ta-bump, ta-bumping as they pranced along on the roof above our bed. But, when they started to dig up my newly planted tulip bulbs and either replace them with walnuts or acorns....that was tooooo much~!

We bought a "humane" critter trip in hopes of catching them. The little bunny who has eaten most of my husband's prize Asian lilies is also on my list...I've put fresh sweet pea pods and carrots in the trap, hoping that he/she will be enticed to stop by and have fresh veggies instead of our flowers......much cheaper too.

We have caught several possums and once, the raccoon who had been supplementing his diet with fresh fish from our neighbor's goldfish pond. All we could do is to turn the possums and raccoon lose.

The raccoon was a cute little guy, he didn't snarl and show his teeth like the possums did. We just opened the trap and out he scampered, right to the nearest tree and up. Since this was early evening, I imagine he came back down when it got dark and returned to where ever his home was.

The goldfish are still disappearing from the neighbor's pond, so spending a few hours in a cage and in an unfamiliar tree wasn't too traumatic.