Almost 6 months!

Our little Andrew will be 6 months old on April 17th.....gosh how time flies! He is sitting up, grabbing for anything he can reach, and is the king of his domain. He hasn't started to crawl and we are of the opinion that he would rather just climb up something and start to walk....patience is not his middle name.

We will be his "babysitters" until October when we take a 12 day train trip from Chicago through Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, White Fish and back to Chicago. He will be at a day care facility from October until January.....then he'll be OURS again!

Andrew is starting on solids....squash and sweet potatoes. He's doing pretty well, but still can't figure out what to do with his tongue....keeps pushing the food out of his mouth. Guess he has to learn how to swallow instead of having his tongue wrapped around the nipple of his bottle.

However, since he's nearly 20 lbs, it doesn't look like he's missed many meals!
Andrew has an older sister, Rebecca who is 11 .... he loves seeing her and having her read to him. She will sit with her books and read, read, read....he enjoys Harry Potter the best but will happily listen to anything Rebecca reads.
He sits in his bouncy chair and attentively listens as she practices her flute....he's not judgmental, a few wrong notes or occasional squeek don't bother him at all. She's his big sister, and any attention from her is welcome.