Tuesday's Soap Box

Today is the first day of our new year, 2008! Congratulations to all of you who have made it!

I’m going to climb on a soap box for a few minutes and rant about something that is not earth shattering, will not cause the 2008 elections to sway one way or another, nor will it make you as rich as Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. But it does cause problems in your personal life (I do not mean your LOVE life)

Split ends, brittle hair, little wads of hair in the drain after you wash your hair? Oh yea, admit it….I could probably throw in dandruff too, but I’m not sure about that.

The shampoo companies are getting R-I-C-H, thanks to the constant TV ads promoting hair products. Head and Shoulders, Dove, Pantene, and many others......how many people walking around your town have silky hair that flows and glistens like the ones on the ad….you buy the stuff and hope for the best.

And your skin.....dry? flaky? itchy?

Read the ingredients on your
shampoo bottle, bar of soap or on the bottle of your child’s bubble bath.

Do you really NEED to be that clean?